GPLA will only issue a replacement certificate in the following circumstances:

  1. If the learner or center does not receive the original certificate.
  2. If the original certificate is received but damaged during transit from GPLA to the learner or center.
  3. If the original certificate is lost after being issued by GPLA.
    • A certificate is considered lost if it was issued by GPLA and subsequently misplaced.
    • If the original certificate is found later, the replacement certificate must be returned to GPLA.
  4. If the learner or center receives a certificate with a GPLA production error, such as an incorrect qualification name.
  5. If the learner changes their name after receiving the original certificate:
    • The learner must clearly indicate their new name on the application form.
    • Written independent evidence of the new name must be provided.
    • All documents supporting the name change must be original or certified copies.

The issuance of replacement certificates for the situations outlined in the first two points mentioned above is applicable only if the learner or center contacts GPLA within 60 working days of the relevant certificate issue date. GPLA reserves the right not to replace original certificates once this time period has passed or for reasons specified below.

GPLA will issue replacement certificates at the earliest opportunity, provided the original certificate is still available upon receipt of the original certificate.

A learner or center requesting a replacement of an original certificate will be required to complete a Request for Replacement Certificate form. The form must include a statement confirming the status of the original certificate, such as whether it is lost, damaged, etc, and describe in as much detail as possible the circumstances necessitating a replacement certificate. GPLA does not accept verbal requests for replacement certificates. The request for a replacement certificate must be accompanied by a fee, where applicable.

Upon meeting the appropriate conditions for certificate replacement, GPLA will issue a replacement certificate within 30 working days of receiving the request.

A replacement certificate issued by GPLA is labeled with its own unique identifier code and a unique serial number, which differs from the original certificate number. Each replacement certificate is marked ‘Replacement’ within the body of the certificate.

In regular situations, a replacement certificate will be issued once all conditions for replacement have been satisfied. However, if GPLA deems the request to be unreasonable, fraudulent, or potentially detrimental to the reputation or security of GPLA, the request may be declined. In such cases, GPLA will communicate the grounds for refusing the request to the learner in writing