Ground-breaking Pathway Leading to Accomplishment

CRQUK is not an Awarding Institution, but rather a unique Legalised Professional Facilitator of Lifelong Blended Knowledge Learning and Assessing Academy in Association with UKCCL’s PQMS: 5001:2005 unique Quality Standard Principals, Policies and Scheme which will assist Globally for any Academic or Non-Academic Working Individuals to earn a respective and creditworthy Lifelong Blended Knowledge Learning Progressive Qualifications for Professional and Personal Upliftment. This is executed for individuals to earn their respective Career Progressive Development (CPD) Professional Knowledge Qualifications from their respective countries, without further Tutorial Learning. The rigid characteristic of UKCCL and CRQUK is the local-to-global approach in the provision of Non-Academical and Non-Campus Career Progressive Qualifications.


Being an International foundation for the provision and delivery of High-Quality Progressive Lifelong Blended Knowledge Learning with Quality Blended Learning option, without interrupting day-to-day commitment to earn very valuable Professional Knowledge Qualifications from their respective counties as flexible Professional Assessment Services for all matured working individuals to become a renowned professional in their respective working profession. These awarding principles are taken as applicants have earned their respective Lifelong Blended Professional Qualifications that they deserve. The facilitation is tailored specifically to the needs of today’s learners. This will provide every person with the opportunity to fast-track their career development progressive high qualifications, saving time and money.


GPLA deliver their respective unique option with the International Supporting Professional Development and Strategic Partnerships with Learning and Training Centres Globally. GPLA wishes to emphasise that, all the Progressive Professional Qualification Certifications are conferred by either Non-Campus and Non-Formal Private Universities or UK Professional Awarding Bodies. The Blended Learning and Assessments are rewarded either by Lifelong Blended Educational Learning (LBEL) or Affirmation for Prior Experience & Learning (APEL) or Accreditation for Career Progress Development (ACPD).


CRQUK’s Belief in Academic or Non-Academic Learning does confirm the Person’s Trustworthy Knowledge Competence. The implementation procedures are executed to the Equivalent Quality Level of the National Vocational Qualification Framework (NVQF). CRQUK’s Facilitations are focused on UK Commission for Consistent Learning (UKCCL) Awarding Policies. This is to enable in working with the respective Legitimate and Local Government Approved Further Higher Flexible Learning Centres Globally to facilitate the exceptional and innovative Lifelong Blended Flexible Knowledge Learning Progressive Hands-on Knowledge Qualifications. This is the alternative option focused upon for Career Progress Development (CPD). Since 2015, UKCCL was aware of the importance and value of the Lifelong Blended Knowledge Learning option as it is globally welcomed by Business Enterprises and Employers to raise their respective Business Development Vision. This Acclaimed and Recognized “Creditworthy Prior Knowledge Learning Competence Certifications” has enhanced many hundreds of Matured working persons in their respective professions


CRQUK do emphasise their High-Quality Distinctive Occupational Knowledge Learning and Training as the Personal Development to enhance every matured working person to become Globally Accepted Professional in their respective profession. This Professional Competence Assurance is accepted and appreciated by Employers and Business Enterprises giving the option for high-quality professional services. The International Assessments to ascertain the respective Credit Units by taking into consideration of their Lifelong Blended, Learning Knowledge Abilities.

This facilitation will give the option will permit to consider a Progressive Top-Up Option to earn valuable and acceptable for Non-Formal and Non-Campus Professional Higher Educational Awarding Institutions respective Professional Enhancement Knowledge Qualifications. This unique option will ascertain their respective personal professional status.