UKCCL is an awarding body established since 2005. We invigilate, verify, assess and certify knowledge, lifelong, vocational and experiential blended learning. Our process includes;

  • Implementation Of Credit Accumulation Transfer Scheme (Cats)
  • Flexible Online And Blended Educational, Experiential  & Vocational Learning Preference
  • Quality Assured Methodology Of Invigilation, Assessment & Verification Using Schemes – ACPD-APEL-LBEL
  • Personal Lifelong Blended And Experiential Learning Validation As An Assignment Verification Process To Ascertain Legitimacy Of Award Eligibility
  • Alternative Knowledge Enhancement By Smart Classes, Workshops, Blended Seminars, Training & Viva Voca
  • Professional Quality Assurance Standards Recognised Globally

 Overall To Validate And Confirm Cumulative Collaborative Learning


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