GPLA Jointly with UK Commission for Consistent Learning (UKCCL) Independent Lifelong Blended Learning Invigilators, Assessors, and Verifiers jointly Facilitate the 21st Century Lifelong Blended Online, Non-Campus Occupational, Entrepreneurial, and Educational Career Progressive Qualifications.

Lifelong Blended Knowledge Learning Qualifications are considered UKCCL’s PQMS 5001:2005 Schemes of Accreditation for Career Progress Learning (ACPD), Affirmation for Prior Experience & Learning (APEL), and Lifelong Blended Educational Learning (LBEL). UKCCL’s Schemes are in accordance With Professional Quality Management Standards which are Equivalent to National Vocational Qualification Framework (NVQF) from Level 2 TO NVQ Level 8.


  •  To establish successful Lifelong Blended Learning partners to facilitate the option of Hands-on Learning to earn respectable and accredited Professional Knowledge Qualifications to accommodate today’s working individual demands.
  • To give guidance and transform lifelong work experience learning by working side by side with reputable local government-approved learning facilitators who acknowledge the Lifelong Blended Knowledge learning concept, as the Career Progressive pathway to earn the appropriate professional knowledge certification for career enhancements.
  • Utilising UKCCL’s Professional Quality Management Standards of UK-CCL PQMS 2005:5001 as the awarding policies.
  • With the validity and creditworthiness of individuals who have earned diligently the Lifelong Blended Knowledge Learning Professional Qualifications equivalent to Traditional Classroom Academic Learning.
  • Introducing guidance and quality lifelong learning development procedures to training providers, employers, and business organizations to conduct through their day-to-day working schedules.
  • Creating a credit matching and a suitable benchmark system thus comparing the curriculum of different learning programs to offer the facility of the Credit Accumulated Transfer Scheme (CATS).
  • Establishing suitable professional knowledge evaluation techniques to offer either Dual or Equivalency Professional Knowledge Certification in agreement with Affiliated Awarding Institutions.
  • Further Flexible and Adoptable awarding method by way of uplift every working person’s individual working performance to confer appropriate Lifelong Blended UK Professional Body Memberships.